Why Gemz?

12 Aug

It was a busy one in all five of our neighborhoods this week – which is why you get to hear about us instead of a local business 🙂 We started Gemz to help local businesses, plain and simple. Yes – we are a technology company and sometimes tech and local business don’t play nice, but so far, so good! That is part of the reason we made our platform so customizable – so businesses can create great offers for shoppers that don’t kill their bottom line. Now for some updates about us:

We are super excited to launch Cal Gemz in the next couple weeks – this is going to be a combination of businesses surrounding campus, Northside, Southside and Downtown Berkeley. We also have a few great updates to the application for users including a referral feature that will allow you to share the app and get great bonus Gemz for doing so. Lastly – there are going to be lots of Gemz events upcoming and we invite you to join them! Monday is our Rockridge / Elmwood merchant appreciate night at TOAST starting at 5pm and we also have some great things in store in Menlo Park, Half Moon Bay, on Solano Avenue and near Cal. Be on the lookout!

We are always open to your feedback and thoughts – so feel free to drop us an email to info@localgemz.com. A big thank you from the Gemz team and happy Friday!!


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