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‘Reach Your Peak’ at Peak Performance Chiropractic

19 Sep

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Dr. William Tarr, outside Peak Performance Chiropractic in west Menlo.

Is there something that ails you that you haven’t had time to fix? If so it might be time to head on over to Peak Performance Chiropractic to see if Dr. William Tarr and crew can get your body aligned to achieve its full pain-free potential.

From the moment you meet “Doctor Bill” his enthusiasm for healing is infectious, as is the professionalism of his staff and the top-flight facilities conveniently located right next door to Safeway in the Sharon Park shopping center in west Menlo. And if you think chiropractic is only about making backs feel better, Doctor Bill will set you straight quickly, pointing out that a misaligned spine can be the root cause of a number of ailments including tendinitis, bursitis and headaches.

“There’s a law in physics that says frame determines function, and if your frame is off, there can be problems,” said Tarr. “Our body’s frame is our skeleton. So our goal is to address the cause, and not the symptom.”

With several rehab rooms as well as a small on-site gym to help with rehabilitation, Peak Performance is able to handle all body types and a wide range of ailments — from accidents and sports injuries to problems that may have just been nagging you for a long time. Though the office’s “wall of fame” is like a mini sports museum with all the photos of athletically inclined clients, Dr. Tarr says it makes him happiest when a mom trusts him to help out her child.

“It’s fun to help the great athletes from Stanford, but the most special thing for me is when someone brings in their kid with an ear infection,” Dr. Tarr said. “We love taking care of families.”

If there was an unoffical “Mr. Menlo Park” competition Dr. Tarr would certainly be a finalist, having grown up in Menlo Park (where his father was a dentist) and then returning to start Peak Performance some 20 years ago, after a football injury led him to consider the alternative treatment of chiropractic.

After regular doctors didn’t get the job done, Tarr said a teammate took him to a chiropractor and he had what he called “an eye-opening experience” in the healing ability of chiropractic care. What Tarr hopes is to keep spreading a similar message to the folks who stop by Peak Performance looking for help.

You'll get a warm, professional welcome from the staff at Peak Performance.

Just part of the athletic "wall of fame" at Peak Performance Chiropractic.


“Girls Night Out” Shopping Party

6 Sep

In case you haven’t noticed, at Gemz we love to party!! For example, this week we’re co-hosting a party in Berkeley with Tesla (see details here) but we have lots of other great events lined up in the next few weeks. But we also LOVE shopping and that’s why we organized a “Girls Night Out” Shopping Party for all our lovely ladies.
Join us on Tuesday, September 15, from 6-8pm at Pink&Harmony for an evening of fall fashion trends, wine, yummy treats, exclusive discounts, and prizes.

Gemz users will enjoy a special member-only 15% off all new arrivals at the event.

Get the “Gemz” app for iPhone to enter our sweepstake! 2 (two) lucky ladies will win $50 gift cards for a shopping spree at Pink&Harmony.

So get your shopping shoes and girlfriends and get ready to party! We look forward to seeing you there for an evening of girls fun! Please remember to RSVP on Facebook or email  and invite your friends!

By the way, the best way to keep up to date with our events is to follow us on Facebook at

10% Off New Fall Arrivals at Pink & Harmony

30 Aug

Swan Dress, $50.00

Next to the leaves changing colors, fashion is the best part of Fall. Check out this special offer on New Fall Arrivals at Pink & Harmony! This week through September 2nd, shop for these one-of-a-kind items from sophisticated dresses to cool, funky jackets, shoes and even shorts and get a 10% discount when you spend 5,000 Gemz.

So stop on by Pink & Harmony and find the perfect outfit for any occasion this Fall. Surprise a loved one with a personal gift or let the girlfriend getaway shopping spree begin! At Pink & Harmony, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be stylish!

For a preview of new arrivals at Pink&Harmony, click here.

*Users can redeem this offer through Friday September 2, 2011, while supplies last. Limited to one per user. No other discounts or coupons apply. Standard taxes apply.

Ristorante Mataro, Where Everyone is Family

25 Aug

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If you want to be treated like family at an Italian restaurant, go to a Turk.

Carpacio: Thin sliced beef with arugula, capers, Dijon mustard and parmesan cheese

“Mr. Brown always likes to sit at table 10. He takes a Prosecco, but hot water first, with ice on the side, and his wife always enjoys a Pinot Grigio.” Turkish born Ibrahim’s familiarity with his customers shows. He’s great with customers.

In the 12 years since arriving in the States, Ibrahim, along with his cousin and co-owner of Ristorante Mataro, Cumhur, has worked with Italian cuisine for most of it. That’s one reason why they opened a place of their own a little less that a year ago. The other reason two Turks opened an Italian restaurant, instead of Turkish? “I’m too good of a cook. I’d put my brother-in-law out of business!” Ibrahim laughs, referring to the Sultana just blocks away.

The staff is full of good friends and family, all pitching in equally to add to the restaurant’s virtuosity. Ibrahim’s wife Oznur is in “the dining room” with guests, his aunt Hanife is in the kitchen, good friend Razi is always helping out… I lost track after that. But what otherwise might look like nepotism is actually much more benign at its root: the people at Ristorante Mataro are all so close because it’s fun, and they like it, and because they want to embrace you as family, too. Really.

Ibrahim appreciates his restaurant’s place in Menlo Park. He appreciates the value of the loyal, local customer base that a small

Happy customers at Ristorante Mataro

community can provide. Working hard to reward that loyalty, Ristorante Mataro provides at least five new specials every day, as well as menu favorites like Capasante with jumbo prawns, a well guarded recipe for Douglas Ravioli, and Lamb Pasta (“No

one else has lamb pasta!”). They even serve gluten free pastas and pizzas.

Ristorante Mataro has a trim, upscale atmosphere, with just a touch of romance. Reservations are recommended, especially weekends, and perhaps on Tuesday nights, when live music adds a little more zest to the evening. Right now you can enjoy any appetizer on the menu for 7,500 Gemz. And if you’re a new customer, Ibrahim will give you 500 Gemz just as a thank you for coming by and trying his good food.

You can follow Ristorante Mataro on Twitter and Facebook.

Pink & Harmony Brings Cosmopolitan Chic to Menlo Park

19 Aug

Gemz users can earn Gemz with any purchase at Pink & Harmony, and get $10 off any purchase for 10,000 Gemz! Get the Gemz App on your iPhone today!


Women looking for a fashion refresh no longer have to drive all the way to San Francisco, thanks to the cosmopolitan, one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories featured at Pink & Harmony in Menlo Park.

Pink & Harmony's store on Crane Street in Menlo Park.

You also won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to clothe your body parts, since one of the main operating philosophies for owner Rebecca Seaton’s 2-year-old specialty boutique is to offer quality clothing for an affordable price.

“There just weren’t many options in Menlo Park for trendy clothes targeted at a younger customer,” said Seaton, who opened her shop after returning to Menlo after a months-long trip to various parts of the globe. “I wanted to provide a place where people could find things they couldn’t find in other places, and to sell them at an affordable price.”

While big cities around the world are generally known for their depth of retail choices, in Menlo Park Seaton didn’t see any places offering one-of-a-kind items from sophisticated dresses to cool, funky jackets, shoes and even shorts.

Owner Rebecca Seaton at Pink & Harmony

So she did a couple local trunk shows and found enough interest to make Pink & Harmony a full-time venture.

The name of the store itself is a direct play off the phrase “Peace and Harmony,” and reflects Seaton’s desire to do more than just run a business — as part of its operating philosophy Pink & Harmony will participate in many kinds of fundraising and charitable community-support activities, while also featuring socially-conscious clothing lines.

And, Seaton promises to always — always — have a dress ready when you need it.

“So many places only sell dresses at certain times of the year,” she said. “Sometimes, you just need a dress. And we will always have dresses. That’s the kind of place I would want to shop at.”

At Pink & Harmony, Gemz users get 1,000 Gemz with every purchase and 10,000 Gemz when they spend more than $100. And, listen to this, for 10,000 Gemz you can get $10 off any purchase at Pink & Harmony.

You can follow Pink & Harmony on Twitter and Facebook.

[Photo credits: Localgemz]

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, Pink & Harmony can help.

Not just clothes but accessories too.

Why Gemz?

12 Aug

It was a busy one in all five of our neighborhoods this week – which is why you get to hear about us instead of a local business 🙂 We started Gemz to help local businesses, plain and simple. Yes – we are a technology company and sometimes tech and local business don’t play nice, but so far, so good! That is part of the reason we made our platform so customizable – so businesses can create great offers for shoppers that don’t kill their bottom line. Now for some updates about us:

We are super excited to launch Cal Gemz in the next couple weeks – this is going to be a combination of businesses surrounding campus, Northside, Southside and Downtown Berkeley. We also have a few great updates to the application for users including a referral feature that will allow you to share the app and get great bonus Gemz for doing so. Lastly – there are going to be lots of Gemz events upcoming and we invite you to join them! Monday is our Rockridge / Elmwood merchant appreciate night at TOAST starting at 5pm and we also have some great things in store in Menlo Park, Half Moon Bay, on Solano Avenue and near Cal. Be on the lookout!

We are always open to your feedback and thoughts – so feel free to drop us an email to A big thank you from the Gemz team and happy Friday!!

Much more than frozen yogurt at Menlo’s The Mix

2 Aug

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A little frozen yogurt always seems like a good idea. But at The Mix in west Menlo Park, it’s really just the start of a wide array of sweet-treat choices that include bakery goods, Belgian waffles, shakes and smoothies and locally roasted artisan coffees. They are also very proud to make a custom blended bliss called “Mix In,” which is a blend of yogurt and tasty toppings made in their special Mixer machine that creates a cusom blended flavor.

“We call ourselves a frozen yogurt treatery because we’re really much more than just frozen yogurt,” said co-owner Jamie Schein, who opened The Mix with business partner Susannah Albright in February of 2010. Since then the Menlo-resident duo have quickly turned The Mix into something even bigger than the store’s expanding menu: it’s fast become a favorite hangout along the Alameda on the west edge of town, earning the Alamanac 2010 Reader’s choice award for best Frozen Yogurt.

Mix-ins for your yogurt at The Mix

On beyond The Mix’s namesake offerings of 32 different toppings for your frozen yogurt — a list that includes everything from fresh fruit to Cap’n Crunch cereal to gummi worms — are other snacking choices that include locally produced baked goods from Butterscotch Bakery and java drinks using beans from Verve Coffeein Santa Cruz.
With dairy goods from local favorite Straus Creamery and chocolate offerings from San Francisco’s TCHO the menu at The Mix is generally more volumnous than those found at cookie-cutter franchise yogurt places. And the charming, friendly interior with its hints of a 1950s diner just adds to The Mix’s “more” message, inviting you to sit and stay on its high-topped stools with other Menlo residents — including Schein and Albright, who got to know each other raising families in Menlo Park before opening up The Mix.

“Our goal was to open a family-friendly place in west Menlo, and have it be the kind of place where you could not just get good food but also hang out with your family and friends,” Schein said.

This summer, The Mix has a very special offer for Gemz users: for 5,000 Gemz, you can get a FREE medium frozen yogurt with two toppings. And you can also earn Gemz with any purchase at The Mix. Enjoy!
[Photo credits: Localgemz.]

Just part of the menu at The Mix

Just look for the sign and park

Already a Menlo favorite