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‘Reach Your Peak’ at Peak Performance Chiropractic

19 Sep

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Dr. William Tarr, outside Peak Performance Chiropractic in west Menlo.

Is there something that ails you that you haven’t had time to fix? If so it might be time to head on over to Peak Performance Chiropractic to see if Dr. William Tarr and crew can get your body aligned to achieve its full pain-free potential.

From the moment you meet “Doctor Bill” his enthusiasm for healing is infectious, as is the professionalism of his staff and the top-flight facilities conveniently located right next door to Safeway in the Sharon Park shopping center in west Menlo. And if you think chiropractic is only about making backs feel better, Doctor Bill will set you straight quickly, pointing out that a misaligned spine can be the root cause of a number of ailments including tendinitis, bursitis and headaches.

“There’s a law in physics that says frame determines function, and if your frame is off, there can be problems,” said Tarr. “Our body’s frame is our skeleton. So our goal is to address the cause, and not the symptom.”

With several rehab rooms as well as a small on-site gym to help with rehabilitation, Peak Performance is able to handle all body types and a wide range of ailments — from accidents and sports injuries to problems that may have just been nagging you for a long time. Though the office’s “wall of fame” is like a mini sports museum with all the photos of athletically inclined clients, Dr. Tarr says it makes him happiest when a mom trusts him to help out her child.

“It’s fun to help the great athletes from Stanford, but the most special thing for me is when someone brings in their kid with an ear infection,” Dr. Tarr said. “We love taking care of families.”

If there was an unoffical “Mr. Menlo Park” competition Dr. Tarr would certainly be a finalist, having grown up in Menlo Park (where his father was a dentist) and then returning to start Peak Performance some 20 years ago, after a football injury led him to consider the alternative treatment of chiropractic.

After regular doctors didn’t get the job done, Tarr said a teammate took him to a chiropractor and he had what he called “an eye-opening experience” in the healing ability of chiropractic care. What Tarr hopes is to keep spreading a similar message to the folks who stop by Peak Performance looking for help.

You'll get a warm, professional welcome from the staff at Peak Performance.

Just part of the athletic "wall of fame" at Peak Performance Chiropractic.