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Much more than frozen yogurt at Menlo’s The Mix

2 Aug

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A little frozen yogurt always seems like a good idea. But at The Mix in west Menlo Park, it’s really just the start of a wide array of sweet-treat choices that include bakery goods, Belgian waffles, shakes and smoothies and locally roasted artisan coffees. They are also very proud to make a custom blended bliss called “Mix In,” which is a blend of yogurt and tasty toppings made in their special Mixer machine that creates a cusom blended flavor.

“We call ourselves a frozen yogurt treatery because we’re really much more than just frozen yogurt,” said co-owner Jamie Schein, who opened The Mix with business partner Susannah Albright in February of 2010. Since then the Menlo-resident duo have quickly turned The Mix into something even bigger than the store’s expanding menu: it’s fast become a favorite hangout along the Alameda on the west edge of town, earning the Alamanac 2010 Reader’s choice award for best Frozen Yogurt.

Mix-ins for your yogurt at The Mix

On beyond The Mix’s namesake offerings of 32 different toppings for your frozen yogurt — a list that includes everything from fresh fruit to Cap’n Crunch cereal to gummi worms — are other snacking choices that include locally produced baked goods from Butterscotch Bakery and java drinks using beans from Verve Coffeein Santa Cruz.
With dairy goods from local favorite Straus Creamery and chocolate offerings from San Francisco’s TCHO the menu at The Mix is generally more volumnous than those found at cookie-cutter franchise yogurt places. And the charming, friendly interior with its hints of a 1950s diner just adds to The Mix’s “more” message, inviting you to sit and stay on its high-topped stools with other Menlo residents — including Schein and Albright, who got to know each other raising families in Menlo Park before opening up The Mix.

“Our goal was to open a family-friendly place in west Menlo, and have it be the kind of place where you could not just get good food but also hang out with your family and friends,” Schein said.

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[Photo credits: Localgemz.]

Just part of the menu at The Mix

Just look for the sign and park

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